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Treat yourself to a power mask. Enrich our FRESH cream with the FRESH anti wrinkle serum and FRESH ADDS effect. Apply the mask to your face and leave it to work for 10 minutes. Then dab off any excess.

A smart serum with a long-term effect. This highly concentrated serum gives the skin a boost, correcting and smoothing wrinkles. The special RINGANA formulation causes the skin cells to mimic the behaviour of young cells, instantly giving your complexion a fresher look.

aqua (water), Rosa damascena flower water* (rose water), glycerin (plant-derived moisturising agent), yeast betaglucan (antioxidant yeast extract), Borago officinalis seed oil* (borage oil), cetearyl olivate (microcell emulsifier from olives), sorbitan olivate (microcell emulsifier from olives), dimethyl isosorbide (plant-derived moisturising factor), ectoin (powerful moisture regulator that helps protect skin), xylitol (birch sugar), carnosine (cell-rejuvenating amino acid complex), Kigelia africana fruit extract (firming fruit extract), sodium hyaluronate, hydrolysed sodium hyaluronate (blend of short and long-chain hyaluronic acids), bakuchiol (natural active substance with broad-ranging anti-ageing properties), Nigella sativa seed oil* (nurturing black cumin oil), hydroxypinacolone retinoate (vitamin A derivative with multiple anti-ageing properties), ceramide 3 (skin barrier-supporting lipid), adenosine (skin-relaxing anti-ageing substance), Hamamelis virginiana leaf extract* (tissue firming witch hazel extract), arginine (moisturising amino acid), stearyl glycyrrhetinate (soothing substance from liquorice root), totarol (antioxidant, antimicrobial totara tree extract), ubiquinone (coenzyme Q10), Olea europaea leaf extract (moisturising and antioxidant olive leaf extract), Helianthus annuus seed oil (sunflower oil), Elaeis guineensis fruit extract (natural tocopherols and tocotrienols), Rosmarinus officinalis leaf extract (skin-regenerating rosemary extract), thioctic acid (antioxidant), potassium ascorbyl tocopheryl phosphate (highly effective anti-wrinkle complex from vitamins C and E), sodium phytate (antioxidant rice bran extract), tocopherol (vitamin E), capryloyl glycine (natural compound of glycine and caprylic acid), undecylenoyl glycine (natural compound of glycine and undecylenic acid), lecithin (natural carrier of active substances), phenethyl alcohol (rose alcohol), galactaric acid (antioxidant from pectins), citric acid, xanthan gum (natural thickening agent), alcohol (undenatured alcohol)

* Ingredients from organic farming

V 3.2

A special Vitamin A derivative works as an effective wrinkle smoother. It is combined with bakuchiol, a broad-spectrum antioxidant similar to retinol. Highly effective plant-derived antioxidants combat free radicals and protect the skin cells. Carnosine preserves the skin’s elasticity. Additional firming provided by an extract from the African sausage tree.

Apply the FRESH anti wrinkle serum after cleansing. You will achieve the best care results if you combine the FRESH anti wrinkle serum with FRESH ADDS effect.


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